First Race: Asexual pre-human beings who were "Self-Born" as astral shadows of their Progenitors, the Yoga

The First Race are the Self-Born, refered to as the Chhayas. They are the astral shadows of their Progenitors, the Yoga. They were devoid of all understanding in relation to intelligence or will. Even in an earthly frame, thier inner being, known as the Monad, was unconnected and neither was the Manas link established.[1] These ethereal beings asexually produced the Second Race through the process of budding and expansion with the idea that their cells were similar to the ever evolving nucleus' of germ-cells.

The doctrine that the First Race of mankind was formed out of the Chhayas, astral images of the Pitris, is fully corroborated in the Zohar.[2] "In the Tzalam (shadow image) of Elohim (the Pitris), was made Adam (man)." [3]

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