There are five Root-Races each one evolving from the other in the Anthropogenesis of man. Every Race, in its evolution, is said to be born under the direct influence of one of the Planets.[1]

The humanities developed coordinately, and on parallel lines with the four Elements, every new Race being physiologically adapted to meet the additional element. Our Fifth Race is rapidly approaching the Fifth Element — call it interstellar ether, which has more to do more with psychology than with physics. Humans have learned to live in every climate, frigid or tropical. However, the first two Races were impervious to climate, not subservient to any temperature or change therein.[2]

It is thus a universal tradition that mankind has evolved gradually into its present shape, from an almost transparent condition of texture, neither by miracle nor by sexual intercourse. Moreover, this is in full accord with the ancient philosophies; from those of Egypt and India with their Divine Dynasties down to that of Plato. And all these universal beliefs must be classed with the "presentiments" and "obstinate conceptions," some of them ineradicable, in popular faiths. Such beliefs, as remarked by Louis Figuier, are "frequently the outcome of the wisdom and observation of an infinite number of generations of men."[3]

The Evolution of Man
Order Race Continent Planet Influence Description Existance
1st First Race The Imperishable Sacred Land The Sun Description Population ?
2nd Second Race The Hyperborean  ? Description Population ?
3rd Lemurians Lemuria  ? Description Population ?
4th Atlantians Atlantis  ? Description Population ?
5th Modern Man America Venus Description Population over 6,000,000

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