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This wiki encyclopedia is dedicated to the study of Theosophy, the science of Divine Wisdom.


What is Theosophy?

Theosophy is not a religion. It is the science of Divine Wisdom or Knowledge sought by lovers of truth.

How to use this Wiki

There are several ways to use this Wiki, if you are new to this online encyclopedia. You can visit the Theosophical Glossary, under the "Browse" category, located at the bottom of this page. If there is a Theosophical related word that you are looking for, a search option is also located on the control menu to the left. If the word you are looking for does not exist, you may add the word to the site's glossary. You are free to provide a definition to the word, or you may notify a moderator and request the answer to the word. This site's Theosophical glossary contains information from known works such as: The Secret Doctrine Parts I & II, Isis Unveiled, The Ocean of Theosophy, and Masters & The Path, just to name a few.

Editing this Wiki

Please do not copy and paste content from or to this site. This wiki is dedicated to having a real understanding of Theosophy. Therefore, all contributors to this wiki are encouraged to use Theosophical sources only. Any content that is not considered to be in accordance to Theosophical thought, or properly referenced, will be removed. Thank you for your understanding and your help in making a connection to the universal consciousness.

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